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What is demi-fine jewellery?

What is demi-fine jewellery?


Fine, fashion, statement, semi-precious... they're all jewellery terms we've heard before, but there's a new kid on the block that is hitting the sweet spot with jewellery lovers in 2018...what is demi-fine jewellery?

The niche that 'demi-fine jewellery' has defined for itself in the jewellery box vocabulary is in its use of materials. Opting for 9ct, 10ct, 14ct gold and semi-precious gems - as opposed to 18ct/precious stones with fine jewellery, which is in essence, what makes it the more affordable younger sibling of higher-end designs.

The demi-fine aesthetic is very much 'understated minimalism' - with delicate chain work and proportions and also affordable. In comparison to the 'trend-led' nature of statement fashion jewellery, demi-fine jewellery is modern, yet timeless - with a minimal motif design or simple organic shapes.

Demi-fine jewellery by Ellie Air

We especially love how this trend allows us to collect, layer and stack, meaning they are pieces you will treasure and enjoy wearing, whether day or night, and from season to season. They are often classic pieces which have been given a modern edge, for example Amarilo’s Star Hoops or their Mama and Petite Winslet necklaces which can be layered together. Ellie Air's collection is also perfect for layering, her Orrery Studs and Star or Triple Band Necklace look great stacked with other piercings. 

Demi-fine jewellery by Ellie Air

When it comes to stone-set demi-fine jewellery we love how Kimsu uses sustainably sourced stones such as Malachite and Lapis Lazuli - these look great stacked with simpler styles like the Minimal Ring.

Open Ring with Malachite by Kimsu

This trend also doesn't limit you to wearing different metals together, it really gives each individual free reign to layer however you want to!

Demi-fine jewellery by Kimsu

Fashion and travel influencer Lucy Williams, is our 'jewellery girl crush' for this look - we're big fans of her collaboration with British jewellery brand Missoma - creating a demi-fine collection, designed for layering and inspired by her travels.

Lucy Williams x Missoma collaboration


Shop our Demi-fine collection


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  • Dec 22, 2018

    We applaud your demi-fine coverage and wanted to add two important points.

    Based on Luxe Licensing’s continuing analysis on the term “demi-fine” which we initiated in November 2015 ( “demi-fine” is defined as: "A jewelry hybrid of precious and non-precious materials. The blend (which has been labeled “bridge” in the past) is a mix of either precious metal (s) such as gold with semi-precious (onyx for example) or non-precious gemstones such as quartz. Another option is using precious gems (diamonds, rubies, emeralds, etc) set in non-precious materials like tungsten, cobalt or ceramic or sterling, plated 14-18k, thinner solid gold in 14k, etc.

    So, demi-fine’s classification is the blend of two or more materials, one being precious, one not. In metal only designs, the jewelry is offered in thinner solid or plated 14-18k gold, thinner platinum designs, thinner palladium styles or 950 sterling silver, but not reducing gold karatage.

    Calling any gold jewelry under 14k will confuse the classification and potentially mix the category up with custom.

    Deep research and published findings we have authored prove the majority of global jewelry brands and retailers agree with this definition, while most add the styles must be within trending, minimalistic styles at mid-tier price points, or under $2,000 USD as a general guideline.

    Remember the term “demi-fine” was derived from the French word “demi,” meaning “half,” but doesn’t mean “half quality” or half price, rather half being 50% (or a portion) of the design created in a lesser “precious” option blended with a standard higher acceptance in precious jewelry material (s).

    — Daniel Scott

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